Lunch @ Chianti Classico – Adelaide

Chianti Classico

160 Hutt Street

The Good

An excellent lunch featuring some of the best pasta I have ever had in the form of the tagliolini with a rich sugo featuring many, many chucks of spanner crab meat. The offer of a dessert tasting menu when we could not decide on our dessert options was a fantastic service touch. 

The Bad


The Meal

Bread and olives @ Chianti Classico -

House bread with olives and olive oil

Arancini @ Chianti Classico - fatmanthinwallet.wordpress.comArancini  alla  Boscaiola 
Lightly fried risotto croquettes flavoured with wild mushrooms, black truffle and parmesen

Fiori  di  Zucchine @ Chianti Classico - fatmanthinwallet.wordpress.comFiori  di  Zucchine 
Lightly fried zucchini flowers filled with ricotta cheese and pine nuts, served with tomato relish

Tagliolini  con  Granchio @ Chianti Classico - fatmanthinwallet.wordpress.comTagliolini  con  Granchio
Fine  pasta  ribbons  with  a  rich  sugo  of  Queensland  spanner  crab  meat, tomatoes  and  basil. 

Pappardelle  con  Anitra @ Chianti Classico - fatmanthinwallet.wordpress.comPappardelle  con  Anitra  
Handmade  broad  pasta  ribbons  with  roasted  duck  meat,  red  capsicums, spinach, pinenuts  and olive  oil.  

Dessert tasting platter @ Chianti Classico - fatmanthinwallet.wordpress.comDessert tasting platter
semifreddo, Torta di cioccolate, zabaglione, panna cotta amongst others

Chianti Classico on Urbanspoon


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