Brunch @ Bean and Grain – Canberra


Bean and Grain

Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets
12 Dalby Street

The Good

Excellent food at very good prices. The addition of a free smoothie shot with every hot breakfast is a nice touch!

Very friendly service

The Okay


The Bad


The Ugly


The Meal

Blueberry bagel with berry flavoured cream cheese

Blueberry bagel served with berry cream cheese

Bacon Buttie

Bacon Buttie
Crispy bacon rashers between buttered sourdough toast 

Salmon Benedict

Salmon Benedict
(Left) Berry and Passionfruit Smoothie Shot
(Middle) 2 poached free-range organic eggs, house made English muffin, cured salmon, shallot chilli sambal, & fresh made lemongrass hollandaise
(Right) Potato croquette topped with crème fraiche & chives 


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