Dinner @ La Regelade – Paris


La Regalade

49 Avenue Jean Moulin
75014 Paris, France

The Good

Very good classical cooking and comfort food contained in an attractively priced set menu featuring very large portions. A delicious complimentary terrine to start the meal. A good wine line. Friendly service.

The Bad

Slow service as a result of overextended staff. A riz au lait (rice pudding) that did not hold up well to the previous night’s version at Chez L’Ami Jean.

The Venue


The interior of the restaurant

The Meal


Pickled cucumbers, bread and terrine


A close-up of the terrine


Half of a Roast foie gras for two


Cote de beouf for two


Mash potato and a collection of mustards


A little salad on the side for the cote de beouf


Passionfruit creme brulee


Riz au lait (rice pudding)


One thought on “Dinner @ La Regelade – Paris

  1. I am going to the St. Honore location in two weeks, hope it’s as good as your meal looks. Love the photos of the diners.

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