Caprice – Hong Kong

Notable accolades

Three Michelin Stars

Number 76, S. Pellegrino’s The World’s Best Restaurants 2011


In conducting my research before selecting restaurants for this trip to Hong Kong, and bearing in mind I was immediately heading to Paris afterwards, I went to Caprice admittedly expecting something less than a 3-Star Michelin meal. Much to my surprise, I left the restaurant with a smile on my face and an utterly delightful meal supported by professional service that surpassed perhaps all of the Paris restaurants visited after Hong Kong and an amazingly low price tag given we were ordering a la carte. I will most certainly be visiting Caprice again when I am next in Hong Kong and can heartily recommend it to others.

The Food 


The inside view from our table…


…and the outside view from our table


Canape #1

A very simple but effective starting canape of breadsticks with butter and parsley that we ate while considering our menus.


Canape #2
Quail with a chestnut veloute served in an eggshell

An excellent starter with lots of flavour. My wife enjoyed this dish despite not normally liking egg dishes.


My Wife’s Entree
Escargot Petit Gris Velouté – Aromatic Parsley and Snail Fritot

A parsley veloute served with an arancini-style ball and square on the side enclosing snails drenched in garlic butter.


Langoustine Ravioli – Veal Sweetbreads and Chanterelle Mushrooms in Shellfish Bisque

While described as ravioli, this dish actually consisted of a very large sweetbread and two generous portions of langoustine sandwiched between two large pasta sheets and surrounded by a shellfish bisque. Described as the speciality dish of the restaurant, the langoustine and bisque provided the perfect counterpoint to the strong, rich flavours of the sweetbread


Main Course
Challans Duck Fillet – Celery Orzo Pasta and Giblet Fricassee in Black Truffle Jus

While the dish is pretty, the duck itself appears rather mundane until a single bite revealed perfectly cooked duck with a delightfully crispy skin. The celery orzo pasta with a slice or two of black truffle was tasty enough on its own that it could have been offered as entree.


The wine cellar and entrance to the cheese room


The cheese room


Another corner of the cheese room


The cheese course

After visiting the cheese room, I selected five cheeses with the assistance of our server who described at least 12 cheeses for my consideration. The highlights of my selection were easily the epoisse and shaved 40-month old compte, but all could have been classified as great. Sadly the cheese courses I had at starred restaurants in Paris generally failed to live up to the standard set by Caprice and the staff responsible for stocking the cheese room


A walnut and fruit bread served with the cheese course


Tropical Coconut Souffle
Pina Colada Ravioli, Kiwi Confit and Exotic Sorbet

A perfect souffle that featured iridescent firm blobs that when pushed against the roof of your mouth explode with pina colada flavour


Petit fours


The kitchen

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