Ming Court – Hong Kong


Two Michelin Stars


A very good meal supported by an excellent wine list, searchable via provided iPad of course, and very good service (at least until the end of our meal when my wife and I appeared to be the only people in the restaurant for a good twenty minutes until a staff member wandered past and I flagged him for the bill). While the dishes did not necessarily contain any “wow” factor, they were certainly all of high quality and often delicious. The deep-fried crab, barbecue pork and desserts were particular stand-outs. If I was to have any particular gripe about this restaurant, it would be that its courses are clearly designed for a large group and do not make it easy for a couple to sample several dishes.

Nonetheless, I would happily recommend the restaurant to anyone visiting Hong Kong for several days, although if only one proper Chinese restaurant could be selected my recommendation would go to Lung King Heen based on my single experiences.

The Food


A prawn party


Drunken prawns (not much too look at when served!)

My wife and I were each served four large and perfectly-cooked prawns. While the process in which the prawns became drunk, where they thrashed or “danced” around in the bowl pictured above, was quite entertaining it did not result in any special flavour, leaving one to enjoy the natural flavour of the prawns themselves. All in all, a solid starting dish


Deep-fried Crab Shell stuffed with Crab Meat

Easily a favourite of the meal and fond dish from our trip in Hong Kong, this dish came with a perfectly fried exterior and chewy interior featuring generous portions of quality crab meat


Barbecued Pork in Honey Sauce

While not much to look at, this was a very high-quality rendition of barbecue pork at a price point that seemed downright benevolent compared to the price of even the most average barbecue pork at home in Australia


Pan-Fried Chicken Skin filled with Minced Chicken and Black Truffles, accompanied with Sliced Pumpkin

A speciality dish that achieved the lofty expectations, the chicken skin and minced chicken was perfectly cooked and meshed well with the black truffles and what I presume was some form of black bean sauce. The pumpkin, which was properly cooked despite my apprehension after having regard some other reviews of this restaurant, provided an acceptable contrast to the rich meat which it held up. A large portion, the dish unfortunately did not hold its heat, and as a consequence its flavour, well when slowly eaten by two people, resulting in the dish becoming less appetizing as the night wore on


Sauteed Diced Wagyu Beef with Sliced Garlic and Sweetened Walnuts

This dish was recommended to us by our server in lieu of our selected dish, which consisted of wagyu beef with truffles and which our server suggested would not provide a real contrast with the chicken and truffle dish we had also ordered. As presented, in an edible dried noodle basket, it was perfectly acceptable if unexciting dish. Again, its size while a benefit for a large group resulted in more than half of the dish being cold by the time we got around to eating it



A meringue served in the shape of a rabbit (at least that is what I think it was supposed to be!)


Top right – bird’s nest soup and mango jellies served on dried ice

This dish, consisting of refreshing jellies supposedly made with bird’s nest soup and mango, was served in a closed box that was opened on the table to let out smoke that covered the table as a result of the dry ice on which the jellies were situated

Bottom left – mango sponge cake

My wife’s selection to accompany her tea at the end of the meal, it consisted of two small perfectly acceptable squares of mango sponge cake


A close-up of the bird’s nest soup and mango jellies served over dry ice

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